How to choose the function of LED bathroom mirror?


LED bathroom mirrors are now generally popular, and the bathroom mirrors that were originally displayed and used in high-end hotels are now gradually being used in ordinary people's homes. It also proves from the side that people’s living standards have improved, and people have begun to pursue a higher quality of life. But this is far from enough, you must understand the composition of LED bathroom mirrors from the function and hardware.


First, let's talk about the LED bathroom mirror, the function of LED. As the name suggests, it is to install LED light strips around the mirror to play the role of lighting. Everyone knows the reflection principle of mirrors, so how clear and true is the reflection? Just like the fill light used in the photography base, daylighting is very necessary. Only if the light source is sufficient, the reflection will be more real and clear, will be more beautiful and beautiful. Before going out, everyone usually looks at the makeup and clothes in the mirror. The bathroom mirror with LED can let you know yourself more clearly and make you face the new day more confidently.

Let's talk about the anti-fog function of LED bathroom mirrors. When we take a bath, water vapor will form a layer of mist on the surface of the glass, which will become hazy and the mirror will temporarily lose its function. The anti-fog function can improve this situation. The principle of the anti-fog function is to add a layer of electrostatic film on the back of the mirror, which will be heated after power on, and the water vapor will evaporate naturally when it hits the mirror, so no water vapor phenomenon will be generated. This function is also very practical at home, it is strongly recommended that you use it.

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