What’s the Difference Between Backlit and Lighted Mirrors2?


Backlit mirrors can provide your bathroom with a neat and organized look. Hanging lights over the mirror can take a lot of space, especially in bathrooms with low ceilings. If you want to have the same amount of light but do not want something hanging from the ceiling, choose backlit mirrors.
Good Source of Light
Another reason why you should use a backlit mirror is that it provides a good source of lighting. Because the lights are located at the back, they will not cast shadows on you. This is ideal for putting on makeup, styling your hair, or shaving because you can be able to see yourself clearly without any shadows.
Most backlit mirrors use LED lights rather than incandescent lights. Because of this, you can rest assured that the mirror uses less energy and can last for a long time. You can be able to save on your electric bills.
Easy to Install
Backlit mirrors are easy to install. You can simply hang them over your vanity cabinet. Large mirrors that take up a wide space on your wall may need professional installation. This is because the mirror is heavy and needs to be secured on the wall.
Creates an Ambiance
Backlit mirrors provide a relaxing and spa-like ambiance into your bathroom. Instead of lighting candles while taking a bath, you can use the lights that come from the mirror.
Why Should You Have a Lighted Mirror?
Lighted mirrors can provide extra light for bathrooms that do not have natural lighting. This is especially true for isolated bathrooms that do not have any windows. Lighted mirrors work in many ways. Some are designed to have lights on the top which offers a glow over a wide area. While not everyone needs a lighted mirror, they can provide a lot of benefits to the bathroom.
Excellent Lighting
To make your daily bathroom routine easier, you can install lighted mirrors. High-quality lighted mirrors can provide adequate light to a dark bathroom to make shaving and make-up application easier.
Design and Style
Another advantage that you can get from a lighted mirror is that it can make your bathroom more attractive. There are many designs and styles of lighted mirrors which makes it easy for you to choose one that suits the theme of your bathroom. You can even choose a design that will make the mirror a centerpiece of your bathroom.
Lighted mirrors come with a wide array of features that you can choose from. These features include timed lighting; colored lighting, Bluetooth, and some can even play music. Some designs have frames around the mirror to make it look more stylish.
If you are planning to sell your house, installing a lighted mirror can be able to increase its value. Such small changes to your bathroom will have a surprising value increase. It can add hundreds or even thousands of dollars to your home.
Energy Saving
Lighted mirrors that use high-quality LEDs can lessen your energy bills. It can also provide a usage time of about 50,000 hours which is almost equivalent to ten years of being turned on. LED lighted mirrors are long-lasting and durable.
Pros and Cons of Lighted Mirrors
Like many other products, lighted mirrors have their advantages as well as disadvantages. Take a look at some of the pros and cons of lighted mirrors below.
Lighted mirrors can add value to your home by providing a modern look that is also functional. This type of mirror also has LED lights which consume less energy as compared to other light bulbs and allows you to save on your energy bills. Moreover, light comes from all around the mirror so you will get a clear vision of your reflection without any shadows. The illumination that is provided by a lighted mirror makes it perfect for applying make-up. Some have dimmable lights that you can control to create the ideal lighting for your needs.
Backlit mirrors also have some disadvantages. For instance, if you do not carefully check the light quality of the mirror before purchasing, you will find out later that it creates an unpleasant lighting environment for your bathroom. After setting up the mirror, a light replacement can be difficult. Moreover, the sensors sometimes show a problem when you try to save your adjustments. See to it that you carefully check the mirror before purchasing to avoid these issues.
Are Backlit Mirrors any Good?

Backlit mirrors are a good choice for your bathroom because the lights are behind the mirrors which creates a subtle and useful glow. LED-backlit mirrors are energy-saving and can last longer as compared to other light bulbs. Furthermore, backlit mirrors are also equipped with features that make them more functional and convenient. Some even have speakers and can play music via Bluetooth.

Do Backlit Mirrors Provide Enough Light?
The light that comes from backlit mirrors is enough to allow you to see your reflection clearly. The lighting is also balanced, which means all of the parts of your face are illuminated evenly. The lighting from backlit mirrors is soft and not severe, so it doesn’t cast unflattering shadows on your face. You can check out this article that discusses if the backlit mirror provides enough light for more information.
Are Backlit Mirrors Good for Makeup?
Backlit mirrors are great for makeup. Not only do backlit mirrors give off ample and even light, but they also emit a glow that is closest to natural light. This warm white light is ideal for makeup application and puts you in the best light possible. We have also written this article that talks about backlit mirrors and if they are good for makeup. You can check it out for an in-depth discussion about the topic.
Are Lighted Bathroom Mirrors Worth It?
Lighted bathroom mirrors are definitely worth the purchase. The LED lights used in the mirrors are durable and last for many years. Lighted mirrors enable you to do your personal grooming with ease, plus they make a bathroom look stunning. It’s a great addition to any space as well, not just the bathroom. For more information about the topic, you can check out this article about LED mirrors and if they are worth it.
We’ve reached the end of our discussion about the difference between backlit and lighted mirrors. First, we explained the aspects where backlit and lighted mirrors are similar and where they differ. The main difference between these types of illuminated mirrors is where their light bulbs are placed. This then factors into how these mirrors are designed.
We also weighed in on which type would be better in certain situations. Both options are great for personal grooming, but illuminated mirrors with their lights facing you have an added advantage: these can be made into smaller, more portable mirrors you can place on your desk or put in your bag.
But hey, you don’t have to choose just one. You can always have different types and designs of LED illuminated mirrors to meet your needs and lifestyle preferences. You can be sure to find a few that fit the bill!

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