Makeup mirror production method


1. Cleaning the glass: After cutting the glass according to the specifications, first rinse the front and back sides with tap water, then apply the iron red powder with water on the side to be plated, wipe off the iron red powder after drying, and rinse with water. Then use a small amount of tin chloride solution to scrub the surface of the glass to be plated. After washing, rinse off the remaining stannous chloride with water. Finally, rinse the glass with clean water (preferably distilled water).
2. Silver plating: Place the cleaned glass on a horizontal wooden frame or strip, take one part of silver solution and one part of reducing solution, stir and pour it on. The liquid medicine should not run off. About 2 deciliters per square meter. After it gradually reflects the silver mirror on the glass, pour out the excess liquid medicine, rinse with water, and pour ten thousandths of the gelatin to dry. After it dries, apply a layer of iron red primer or other anti-rust paint to make a mirror.
3. Silver liquid: 2500ml of distilled water (cold water is also available), 25g of silver nitrate, 18.5ml of ammonia (until it is clarified by chemical reaction).
Reducing liquid: 2500 ml of distilled water (cold water is also acceptable), 25 g of potassium sodium tartrate, the upper liquid is heated to clarify, and then 0.5% silver nitrate is added, and the liquid medicine is kept filtered for later use.
4. Gelatin liquid: 1000ml water, 10g gelatin, steamed in water.
Add proper amount of banana water solution to iron red primer.
5. Whether it is a flat mirror or a non-flat mirror (concave mirror or convex mirror), the light will be reflected by the mirror in accordance with the law of reflection, and the reflected light can form vision in the retina after entering the eye. On a flat mirror, when a parallel beam of light hits the mirror, the whole body will change its direction in a parallel mode, and the image at this time is the same as the image seen by the eye.
6. Vanity mirror: often placed in a specific corner of the home, such as the bathroom, it is used to assist in makeup, shaving, combing and other grooming tools. This type of mirror is set in different sizes, the small one can be carried with you, and the large one can inspect your whole body clothing, so it is also called a full-length mirror.
Instruments: Many optical instruments, such as telescopes and microscopes, use mirrors for reflection in the light path.
7. Safety: such as rear-view mirrors and rear-view mirrors of vehicles. Convex mirrors will be placed at the corners of some roads to remind pedestrians to pay attention to safety.

The usefulness of the portable makeup mirror is: 1: morning time 2: shopping mood 3: luxury cocktail party 4: professional makeup makeup 5: sweet date 6: leisure time 7: small accident 8: interview makeup makeup

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