How to clean the LED bathroom mirror


Cleaning glass of the LED bathroom mirror
After cutting the glass according to the specifications, first wash the positive and negative sides with tap water, then apply the iron red powder with water on the side to be plated, wipe off the iron red powder after it is dry and wash it with water. Then scrub the surface of the glass to be plated with a trace of stannous chloride solution. Rinse the residual stannous chloride with water after washing. Finally, rinse the glass with clean water (preferably distilled water).

Plate with silver(LED bathroom mirror)

Place the washed glass flat on a horizontal wooden frame or strip, take a portion of silver solution and a portion of reducing solution, stir well and pour it on. The liquid medicine shall not flow away. About 2 deciliters per square meter. After the silver mirror is gradually reflected on the glass, pour out the excess liquid medicine, rinse with water, and pour ten thousandths of gelatin to dry. After drying, apply a layer of iron red primer or other antirust paint on it to become a mirror.

Liquid formula(LED bathroom mirror)
Silver solution: 2500 milliliters of distilled water (cold boiled water can also be used), 25 grams of silver nitrate and 18.5 ml of ammonia (until clarified by chemical reaction).

Reducing solution: 2500ml distilled water (cold boiled water can also be used) and 25g potassium sodium tartrate. After the upper solution is heated and clarified, put 0.5% silver nitrate into it, and keep the liquid filtered for standby.

Gelatin solution: 1000ml water, 10g gelatin, evaporated in water.

Iron red primer plus an appropriate amount of banana aqueous solution.
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